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Welcome to Project 250! This my latest VW project and here's the deal, I bought it for $250 and I'm trying to see how far I can go for not much more than that. With some clever trading and selling of parts I should be able to equip it very nicely.

First, where did it come from? The title said Jeffersonville, Indiana but I actually bought from Jason in Louisville, KY. I got an '85 Cabriolet that didn't run (supposedly a fuel pump issue) a solid body, no interior seating or carpet and a nice seat of extra wheels with good tires. Oh yes, an a set of old GTI seats, one of which looks like it was abused by a NFL lineman. 181K miles but the speedo was boken so who really knows. The head gasket seems to be new and much of the cooling system is overly clean making me think it's been replaced recently as well. I found this bargain on the VW Club of Louisvbille's website.

So why would I buy this? Well, I have an '83 GTi in my driveway that has rusted it's unibody away. I've kept the drivetrain and suspension in good shape but there's nothing left for the driver's side of the car to bolt to. Since the cabby and the GTI as similar/identical under the skin it is making for a good donor vehicle. So let the games begin!

Here are the GTI seats. Dirty of course but the driver's seat is twisted as if some massive lard butt sat in it on a regular basis. I don't think it's salvagable.

These are the wheels that Jason threw in. Frankly they were worth what I paid for them and the car togerther!

Jason was gonna strip the car and redo it totally. So that's how I got it with no marker lights, bumpers unattached, turnsignals ripped out, all the carpeting and seating gone etc. And see the faded paint? It's really a respray of clear coat over the paint and it's coming off. You can scrap it off with your finger nail. The hood's like that too. It appears there was a minor front end collision and there's a bit of Bondo under the bumper strut and all this horrible repainting done. It'll be a mess trying to sand all of this down.
Nothing there! Speedo's broken. No glove box door. No carper, no front seats (we found the rear one)
Car is really in decent shape, no real rust, straight body panels. All the glass is there except the passenger vent window (which was broken when the previous owner's readio was stolen). This is Jason's garage, he wanted this car out of there and I was happy to oblige. The top is in good shape but needs cleaning. The headliner is incredibly filthy (how the heck could it ever get that dirty?)