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I'm a 52 year old - exrallyist, ex-autocrosser, ex-tv producer currently a web designer/developer. I've been wrenching on cars since my '74 Opel was new and I took it in for a "free" tuneup. $25 dollars later I realized I better learn how to do this stuff myself. Since then I've taken over 600 hours of auto body repair classes, built numerous racing engines and rally cars. Competed nationally both in autocrossing and rallying with a great deal of success.

I was trained as an electrical engineer so electroninc fuel injection systems are simple stuff. It's the gas that's hard to wrangle. Particularly when there's dirt in it (don't ask).

Sudden unemployment in 1994 lead to a career change into computers and that led to even more unemployment as most small consulting firms have gone belly up in the lastt 5 years. I'm proud to be the webmaster for Techtonics Tuning and hope that the relationship will continue for a long time. When you need go fast parts look them up!