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My '83 GTI started life in Pennsylvannia and was purchased by my brother. It spent 15 years of its life in Michigan being gently cared for. Then I got it and started to have fun with it.

I modified it, rallyed it, autocrossed it but more importantly tried to kep from succumbing to Indiana winter salt. Given it's Michigan past it was a losing battle. This late summer the floor on the driver's side was completey gone and the left control arm had nothing really keeping it attached to the car. So the search began for sommething new. Preferably something that could use all the A1 stuff I had accumulated.

So the P250 cabby was found and needed a great deal of what the GTI had to offer. The interior was moved over. The suspension in it's entirely. And eventually the automatic will be taken out and the 5 speed from the GTI put in.